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Our highly experienced Trust professionals can assist you with a full range of trust and asset management services for every stage of life.

We employ proven methods to successfully meet your long-term financial goals, including portfolios that are diligently monitored to adhere to your family needs, career-stage, tolerance for risk, and other individual considerations.

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Our Trust services include:

Estate Planning

A Living Trust is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your assets are both protected and managed in accordance with your individual directives. A revocable living trust may be freely altered, amended or even terminated at any time. Other benefits include:

  • Investment Supervision - professional management of assets within the trust. Service is continued even after the death or incapacity of account holder.
  • Simplification of Probate - Property placed in a living trust will not usually become part of the probate estate, which will simplify proceedings and minimize expenses. Funds can be immediately available to beneficiaries without some of the delays associated with probate.
  • Investment Participation - the flexibility of a revocable trust allows you to participate in investment decisions to whatever degree you choose, depending on your time availability and/or level of knowledge.
  • Avoidance of Conservatorships - with a living trust, you can avoid the expense, time, and red-tape involved in conservatorships.

Credit Shelter Trust

Fully utilizes the unified tax credit allowed to each individual by the IRS. With simple planning, this type of trust allows a married couple to pass on assets without paying any estate taxes.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Can be used to create a guaranteed income stream from the sale of assets, with the added benefits of 1) the elimination of capital gains tax, 2) income tax savings and deduction due to charitable contribution, 3) estate tax savings, and 4) helping a charity of your choice.

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