Your Security is Important to Us

We are aware of the data breach of some credit and debit cards used at Target stores between November 27 and December 15. Protecting your accounts and personal information is a top priority that we take very seriously.

  • In an effort to prevent fraud, we continually monitor our customers’ accounts for unusual patterns and activity, and are in regular contact with our network partners to understand and respond to these events. As always, if we believe the security of a debit card is at risk, we will take action to safeguard our customers’ accounts. 
  • Bankof the Rio Grande consumer Debit Cards are protected by Reg E. This means that if a card is ever lost, stolen or used without cardholder authorization and the cardholder provides us with prompt notification, the cardholder is protected against unauthorized transactions beyond the first $50, and in some cases, the cardholder may not be responsible for any fraudulent charges.
  • Customers should monitor their accounts. You can also enroll in account alerts to receive timely notifications about activity on your debit card. To set up alerts, sign on to Online Banking and click the Alerts tab. For more tips on protecting your personal and account information, click here.

If you suspect that your card or card number may have been used without your authorization, contact us immediately at 575-525-8900.